Next-Generation Data Acquisition System

Get the next-generation data acquisition (DAQ) system with a three-slot mainframe and your choice of nine plug-in modules. Interface with the DAQ using Keysight BenchVue DAQ software or use the intuitive graphical front panel with task-oriented, self-guiding menus.

  • Three-slot mainframe with built-in 6½-digit DMM
  • Nine switch and control plug-in modules
  • Measures and converts 12 different input signals: temperature with thermocouples, RTDs and thermistors, dc/ac volts, 2- and 4-wire resistance, frequency and period, dc/ac current, and capacitance
  • Choice of USB, LAN, or GPIB interfaces for easy connectivity to your PC
  • Graphical Web interface for point and click monitor and control
  • USB flash drive support to copy/log data in standalone applications

PathWave BenchVue Data Acquisition Software

Instantly control your data acquisition units to log and visualize results in a variety of display options for easier analysis.

  • Control measurement channels for your specific test configurations from multiple data acquisition units.
  • Use the various waveform measurement operations in the time domain chart.
  • Capture total harmonic distortion (THD), THD plus noise, and signal-to-noise and distortion (SINAD) measurement operations in a fast Fourier transform (FFT) chart.
  • Create automated test sequences quickly with minimal instrument knowledge.
  • Receive KeysightCare software support subscription and license with each new instrument purchase.

There Is No Comparison

What can you expect from a data acquisition system that is this affordable? Measurements you can trust. The powerful measurement performance, flexibility, connectivity options, cost factor, and ease-of-use of the DAQ970A / DAQ973A combine to outpace all other data acquisition systems — even in systems costing three to five times as much.

  • Built-in signal conditioning
  • Standard PC connectivity
  • Convenient data storage with USB flash drive
  • Virtual front-panel control via the BenchVue web interface
  • Custom configurations that grow with you
DAQ970A Benefit image

Easy Data Acquisition Control and Simplified Automation

PathWave BenchVue data acquisition software for the PC makes it simple to connect, control, capture, and view measurement data from your data acquisition system with no additional programming.

  • Easily log data, screenshots, and system status
  • Save and replicate instrument configurations to repeat results
  • Quickly export measurement data in the desired format
  • Rapidly prototype and automate custom test sequences

Key Specifications

Max Scanning Speed

450 channels/sec

Max Sampling Rate

800 kSa/sec

Maximum Amps

1 A

Maximum Volts

300 V

Want to see more specifications?

Temperature Data Logger With A DAQ970A / DAQ973A

Discover how to use a DAQ970A / DAQ973A paired with a DAQM901A multiplex module to measure thermistors on a temperature cube and see how the fan impacts the system. DAQ systems can also be used to measure:

  • AC to DC power converters
  • Battery packs
  • Medical devices
  • Radio communication devices and more

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