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D9010USBP USB4, USB 3.x, USB 2.0 and eUSB2 Protocol Decode/Trigger Software

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Get your USB testing of any speed done faster with this all-in-one USB trigger and decode package
  • Set up your scope to show USB4, USB 3.x, USB 2.0 and eUSB2 in less than 30 seconds with an auto setup feature
  • USB4 will be added to this package moving forward (with an active support subscription)
  • Get access to a rich set of integrated protocol-level triggers and searches – see datasheet for a complete list
  • Save time and eliminate errors by viewing packets at the protocol level
  • Use time-correlated views to quickly troubleshoot serial protocol problems back to their timing or signal integrity root cause


This application includes a suite of configurable protocol-level searches and software-based triggering specific to all USB standards. It is compatible with S-Series, V-Series, Z-Series and UXR Series Infiniium oscilloscopes. USB4 and USB 3.2 trigger and decode are not available for the S-Series oscilloscopes. For detailed information on the decode and trigger settings, please refer to the datasheet. For assistance with using the applications, refer to the Infiniium help guide.