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Key Features & Specifications

The 5G Protocol R&D Toolset is a comprehensive solution to address diverse global spectrum requirements and efficiently prototype advanced 5G protocol features (both for pre-5G and 3GPP 5G NR), including beamforming at mm-Wave frequencies and non-standalone use cases. The toolset, based on the UXM 5G, enables you to:

  • Support multiple phases of wireless device development, from pre-silicon protocol prototyping to systems integration and verification;
  • Accelerate test case creation and analysis, with the highest level of flexibility and control, to achieve first-to-market functionality with impeccable quality;
  • Fully test 5G technologies faster, to guarantee that 5G features are fully utilized to achieve maximum performance and compliance.

Easiest Test Case Creation

The 5G Protocol R&D Toolset includes a Graphical User Interface highly optimized for early test creation and analysis while 5G specifications continue to evolve and the industry starts to embrace them. This tool minimizes risk during development programs, as device features are verified to work correctly at the very start of the development cycle.

Key elements of the test case creation tool include:

  • A built-in protocol state machine enabling debugging activities with reduced test case complexity;
  • Access to L1/L2 parameters with the ability to make changes in real-time, without the need to program;
  • Feature breadth and depth to go beyond mandatory industry requirements, allowing tests to be carried out to your specific needs and unique specifications;
  • Support for the widest portfolio of reference tests with leading features from network operator test plans to de-risk carrier acceptance and time to market early in the prototyping phase.

Most Collaborative Results Analysis

The 5G Protocol R&D Toolset enables defects to be discovered and resolved early, ensuring a faster and more cost-effective development process.

Log Viewer is a collaborative results analysis tool that provides:

  • Bookmarks to highlight key areas of interest when sharing logs with other teams;
  • Customizable filters to allow different teams to investigate issue efficiently;
  • Export options for other file formats and plug-ins to allow third party tools to be used for additional analysis.

Earliest Availability of Advanced Features

Achieved through early collaborations with key industry leaders, the 5G Protocol R&D Toolset brings the earliest availability of advanced 5G features to test your implementations in complex and simulated real network scenarios.

  • Protocol stack feature tests
  • Integrated stack tests
  • Layer 1 tests
  • Functional tests
  • Regression tests


5G-related features such as beamforming at mm-Wave and spectrum sharing increase test complexity considerably. To succeed in the fast-moving 5G industry, it’s critical that you can emulate all the 5G system elements flexibly, make accurate measurements and make informed decisions during the prototyping phase. From the industry leader in protocol and mm-Wave test, the 5G Protocol R&D Toolset is the first in a series of Keysight network emulation solutions to help you streamline your current and future 5G device workflow.