Achieve a variety of probing angles while ensuring a reliable connection with spring pin ground connection


  • 4GHz bandwidth
  • For fine pitch probing for 0603 and 0805 packages (inch code)
  • 1:1 attenuation ratio
  • Spring-pin ground connection for reliable contact
  • Ergonomic handle

The N7032A power rail probe browser is for power integrity measurements where the signal of interest is probable at the power distribution network capacitors. Specifically, the common 0603 and 0805 capacitor package sizes (inch code—2012 and 1608 metric code).

The browser has a spring pin ground connection enabling a variety of probing angles and ensuring a reliable connection. The browser is enclosed in an ergonomic handle with a shape that prevents it rolling off of the work surface.

The browser works best when used with the Keysight 1250-4403 rotating SMA adapter. The rotating SMA adapter can rotate continuously and eliminates the need to ‘fight’ the natural twist and torque of the probe main cable.

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