N5227B PNA network analyzer provides optimal RF performance through integrated hardware including attenuators, bias tees, pulse generators, and modulators.


A Powerful Combination of Hardware and Software

The PNA Series of network analyzers offers industry-leading performance for testing amplifiers, mixers, and frequency converters. The PNA Series combines hardware and applications to measure a broad range of devices fast and accurately. All models are available in two-port single-source and four-port dual-source versions. Built-in pulse modulators and pulse generators provide pulsed S-parameter measurements. 

  • Solve your toughest measurement challenges with the highest-performing microwave network analyzer in the industry.
  • Measure S-parameters with the smallest uncertainty and highest stability.
  • Efficiently characterize active components with applications that simplify setups.
  • Accelerate insight into component behavior using a multitouch display and intuitive user interface.
  • Meet your budget and measurement requirements by customizing to the right level of performance.


·      High source output power of +13 dBm at 1 GHz to +11 dBm at 67 GHz

·      High dynamic range: 134 dB at 20 GHz at test port

·      Low trace noise: 0.002 dB rms at 1 kHz bandwidth

·      Low receiver noise floor

·      High receiver compression level

·      Fast measurement speed: 3.6 to 23 μsec/point


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