XGS12 Chassis Platform

XGS12-HS test chassis

12-Slot, 11RU, rackmount chassis

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  • Reduces space requirements and simplifies management for high port densities for broad range of speeds — 400/100/50/40/25/10/1GE — in 11RU vertical rack space
  • 3 chassis models to meet test requirements and budget: XGS12-SD standard performance; XGS12-SDL standard performance; XGS12-HSL high performance
  • Ultra-high performance chassis assembly with innovative high-speed backplane that supports resource aggregation and meets high-bandwidth requirement
  • Simplified management and upgrades with integrated IxOS operating system for chassis and load modules
  • Enables simple and quick field service with field-replaceable Modular Controller, Fan, and Power Supply Modules
  • Remote chassis management via browser (on XGS12-HSL and XGS12-SDL models)
  • Offers multi-user environment that leverages a per-port user ownership model for all test module ports

Flexible, High-Density 12-Slot Chassis

Our test systems deliver the industry’s most comprehensive solutions for the security, performance, functional, and conformance testing of networks, devices, and networked applications. The XGS12 12-slot modular chassis platform delivers the most comprehensive solution for performance, functional, security, and conformance testing of network equipment and network applications.

Operating in conjunction with industry-leading IxNetwork, IxLoad, and BreakingPoint test applications and automation APIs, this platform provides the power and performance necessary for massive-scale Layer 2–7 testing.

All XGS12 chassis platform models—XGS12-SD, XGS12-SDL, and XGS12-HSL—have a front-to-back airflow system to ensure that Keysight's highest-density load modules operate efficiently. A true modular construction maximizes serviceability as each major system component is self-contained and field-replaceable with the fan, power supply, and processor components designed to be readily installed and removed.

Our load modules are hot-swappable, allowing for a highly-flexible testing environment. This chassis family supports Novus, XM, K400, PerfectStorm, and CloudStorm load modules, providing seamless integration with existing Keysight test systems.

XGS12 Chassis Platform

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