• Supports Keysight high speed digital compliance test software – PCIe 5, DisplayPort, USB4, LPDDR5, etc.
  • Enables test time reduction with scalable computation/processing and acquisition capabilities .
  • Enables effective and optimized utilization of available resources, i.e., virtual machines, oscilloscopes.
  • Enables test sequencing and execution control through a single machine. 
  • Supports result collection and report generation on a dedicated machine.

Key Features

  • Setup virtual machines in local server or cloud
  • Resource arbiter for configuring available resources
  • Single machine for test sequencing and executing control

Shorten your compliance application test time 

Separate the physical measurement from data processing in the cloud and realize the potential speed improvement with the new measurement disaggregation architecture. 

Free Trials

Get a 30-day trial license for D9010AGGC.

The D9010AGGC Compliance Test Software Measurement Server comes pre-installed with the Keysight Infiniium Offline and compliance application software, so there are no files to download and install.

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