Accelerate Your Innovations in EV and EVSE Charging Technology

One of the decisive factors for the breakthrough of e-mobility is to enable all drivers to charge their electric vehicles (EVs) conveniently and safely. This places high demands on the charging interfaces at both sides of the charging adapter – at the charging station and within the vehicle. Alongside the power itself, error-free communication between the EV and EV supply equipment (EVSE) guarantees a reliable charging process. This requires standard-compliant procedures and compatible technologies.


Confidently Test Your Innovations in EV and EVSE Charging Technology

Keysight provides a comprehensive solution portfolio for developing and testing technologies involved in the charging process. Our test solutions support the latest adapters, protocols, and standards used with EV and EVSE. As power levels and standards evolve, our modular, upgradeable portfolio helps you continue to ensure conformance and interoperability around the world.

  • Test charging interfaces at the component and system levels across the product development cycle
  • Automate and accelerate conformance testing with pre-programmed test cases
  • Eliminate the need for multiple DUTs through emulation of good/bad EV and EVSE behavior
  • Get a holistic view of current and voltage measurements as well as charging communication

Get Hands-On Learning

In the EV / EVSE charging test video series, we provide quick (< 5 minute) hands-on demonstrations of the following test scenarios:

Verify EVSE charging conformance

Test EV charging conformance 

Verify CCS communication conformance

Perform functional CCS tests

Decode CCS communication messages

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