Technology acceleration and evolving standards are driving the relentless pace to bring breakthrough products to market faster, at a lower cost. Our experts who know advanced test methods and standards can help. Using Keysight hardware and software, we optimize your specific measurement needs and test strategies.

Accelerate Multichannel Measurements for RF and mmW

Multichannel applications place demanding requirements on many devices such as thru-reflect-match (TRM) modules, phased array antennas, and 5G applications. Test complexity of measuring wideband signals simultaneously at multiple ports makes the design more challenging. Make fast and accurate measurements with our application experts who can help you:

  • Obtain the best measurements with optimal efficiency.
  • Customize measurements to your specific testing needs.
  • Run a periodic system-level calibration.

Achieve Wideband Device Characterization

Learn how to make accurate measurements quickly with the Keysight PNA-X N524xB with modulation distortion application Keysight S93070xB. This revolutionary solution offers a single connection, single-touch measurement of key characteristics — including S-parameter, gain compression, IP3, noise power ratio (NPR), error vector magnitude (EVM), and adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR). Minimize your test time when validating your designs with our application experts who can help you:

  • Learn best practice techniques of Keysight hardware and software.
  • Obtain the best measurements with optimal efficiency.
  • Adapt existing assets for changing test needs.
  • Correlate results from previous and enhanced methods.

Attain High-Speed Digital Test Compliance

High-speed digital compliance testing is necessary to pass the requirements set by the standards bodies. We can help you achieve robust design characterization to similar levels even if compliance testing is not your ultimate goal. Reduce the time spent on designing your tests with our application experts who can help you:

  • Interpret standards and convert to useable test strategy.
  • Prepare your device for test.
  • Gather the test system connection, cables, fixtures, compliance boards, and test cards.
  • Document test results to ensure correlated test conditions within specified margins.

Get the Most of Your 5G / CV2X Device Test Solution

5G technologies are complex in a world of evolving standards, and many parameters impact test performance across your workflow. The Keysight 5G network emulation solutions are built on the Keysight E7515B UXM 5G wireless test platform to give you a highly-integrated signaling test platform that supports the latest 3GPP Release 15 and beyond. The UXM 5G enables you to establish a 5G call with a device under test (DUT) in different 5G NR deployment modes and frequency bands (FR1 and FR2). Manage and solve complex 5G / C2X testing with our application experts who can help you:

  • Set up your new equipment and start testing in a repeatable and controlled laboratory environment.
  • Learn best practice techniques of Keysight hardware and software.
  • Run the functional key performance indicator (KPI) test against your device under test (DUT).
  • Obtain a comprehensive analysis to test cases conformed to the 3GPP standards.

Accelerate Replicating RF Environments

As the electromagnetic spectrum becomes progressively crowded, it is increasingly challenging to define and simulate test environments that represent real-world scenarios. Keysight gives you the ability to test your designs and early prototypes in real-world environments before field deployment. Reduce the time spent on designing your tests with our application experts who can help you:

  • Replicate industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) signals on a busy station platform.
  • Test radar signals around a proposed 5G cell site.
  • Check for adjacent interference at a satellite ground station.

Expedite Device Modeling

Device model accuracy is becoming more critical to circuit design as transistor sizes shrink, operating frequencies increase, and performance needs rise. Incorrect device modeling may cause major product design problems and missing time to market launch. Model solutions are very complicated and often require expertise in various fields. Based on years of experience in advanced foundry solutions Keysight experts can help you:

  • Measure DC, RF, and large-signal measurements.
  • Model parameter extraction for CMOS and III-V process.
  • Partner for thermal electric generator (TEG) design and consulting services.
  • Provide advanced mismatch, statistical, and reliability modeling.

Get the Most from PathWave Design Software

The pressure to accelerate your product design cycle to meet the release schedule is intense. To know the performance of your design simulated by real-world conditions before your build to increase engineering productivity and ensure long-term success. Reduce your design and simulation time with our application and technical support experts who can help you:

  • Build customer turnkey solutions for your specific real-world applications.
  • Optimize RF design methodology and improve design flow.
  • Implement Keysight PathWave design software for new applications such as 5G, automotive, and power electronics.
  • Get customized training to help you stay ahead of evolving standards.

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