Meet the SL104XA Scienlab Machine Emulator Series for Inverter Testing

The Scienlab Machine Emulator, an inverter test system from Keysight, emulates the characteristics of electrical machines. It enables you to operate and test your traction inverters independently of the real environment.

  • Emulation of complex machine correlations without mechanical restrictions
  • High-quality modeling of electrical, even not-yet-existing, machines (synchronous and induction machines)
  • No risks from rotating shafts or vibrations, and no batteries located at critical operation points
  • Protection of inverter and test bench through parameterization of limit values
  • Stable and intuitive control software
  • Robust hardware designed for 24/7 operation
  • Efficient, bidirectional energy flow

High performance system for all your applications

The Machine Emulator offers various applications and can be tailored to your needs:

  • Characterize and examine traction inverters
  • Reproduce function test inverters in various DC and AC boundary conditions and in case of machine faults
  • Perform load and endurance tests and accelerated aging tests
  • Emulate high-voltage machines
Laboratory with Machine Emulator

Key Specifications

High Voltage Series

up to 300 kW, 1200 A


0.5% FS

Various Machine Types

PMSM, ASM, and more.

Various Sensor Types

XMR, Resolver, Sin/Cos, TTL

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