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E5071C-TDR Method of Implementation (MOI) for High Speed Digital Applications


Each high speed communication standard establishes a specification to ensure the quality of products. To verify compliance, components are tested in accordance with the specification. Keysight's E5071C-TDR provides method of implementation (MOI) that is a guide of measurement procedure to support compliance test for each standard. Using MOIs and state files, you can efficiently perform compliance tests with the E5071C-TDR.

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Standards supported by E5071C-TDR

Standards MOIs & State Files Test Solution Overview
Tx/Rx Impedance  
USB USB 2.0 Available Coming soon... Available
USB 3.0 Available N/A Available
USB 3.1 Available N/A Available
USB Type-C™ Available N/A Available
HDMI HDMI 1.4b (*4) Available N/A Available
HDMI 2.0 (*2) Available Available
SATA v3.0 Available Available Available
DisplayPort v1.2b Available N/A Available
v1.3 Available N/A Available
Alt Mode Coming soon... N/A Coming soon...
MIPI™ D-PHY v1.1 N/A Available Available
M-PHY v3.0 N/A Available Available
Ethernet 100BASE-TX Available N/A Available
10GBASE-T Available N/A Available
Available (*3) Available Available
MHL v2.0 Available Coming soon... Available
PCIe® v3.0 Available Available Available
Thunderbolt  v0.9 N/A Available (*1) Available
BroadR-Reach  v3.2 Available N/A Available
SD Card  UHS-II N/A Available (*1) Coming soon...
Cfast  N/A Available (*1) Coming soon...

N/A: Not defined in specification.

*1: Contact Keysight sales representative for more detail.
*2: HDMI 2.0 uses the same cable as HDMI 1.4b.
*3: Backplane interconnect tests
*4: Including HDMI Ethernet Audio Return Channel (HEAC) Cable Assembly Test.

Solution Partners

Provides technical expertise in compliance testing with the E5071C-TDR.

Partners (Headquarters) Solution Briefs
BitifEye (Germany) HDMI Cable Testing / USB Cable Testing
GRL (United States) Network Analyzer Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) Measurements
Ghiatek (Taiwan) -
Litek (Taiwan) -
UNH-IOL (United States)  -