High Fidelity 5G Modeling with Network Digital Twins

As global cellular networks evolve to 5G, they are enabling and expanding a more all-things-connected world creating challenges for wired and wireless network planning, network analysis, and cyber threat analysis. 

The need to develop an efficient, high-fidelity approach for understanding, evaluating, and protecting critical infrastructure has never been greater.  An important part of the solution lies in innovative new techniques for modeling and simulating 5G mobile networks.

Our 5G network emulator is critical to precisely understanding and protecting network operations.

Importance of 5G Network Testing

5G network testing will become increasingly challenging as more devices share the wireless landscape. 5G network testing is critical for understanding, protecting, and ensuring the resiliency of network operations. 

Network testing, modeling, and analysis offer a cost-effective, convenient way to obtain metrics in real-time for 5G network planning prior to deployment.

Sunset city skyline with cellular tower
Symbols representing 5G, cloud, and other technologies on city skyline

Assessing Cyber Resilience

More devices than ever before will share the wireless landscape and be subject to an increasing number of policies and controls. To support these changes, this cutting-edge 5G network emulator integrates with MBSE software to test cyber controls and policies.

Users can investigate the impact of integrating historically isolated networks into a single always-on network fabric on usability, cyber resilience, and business KPI.

Integrating 5G Into Mission Applications

5G technology testbeds are actively testing everything from telemedicine to Battlefield of Things initiatives at military bases throughout the country. We developed the 5G Comprehensive Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) Operations Network Environment (5G CLONE) to support these initiatives. 

Design, test, analyze and assess cyber resilience of 5G tactical battlefield communications for enhanced operational planning, training, and communications without the expense of building out physical infrastructure.

Ensure mission success and defend with digital twins.

Soldier viewing coastal terrain on a tablet
2G, 3G, 4G advancing to 5G icons

5G Network Planning

Leveraging 5G-enabled communications, a plethora of applications and services are being launched impacting every industry. This makes it essential to quickly and effectively plan 5G deployments, upgrades, or reconfigurations.

Exploiting our revolutionary 5G capabilities we help service providers, network planners, application developers, and system administrators to:

  • Provide significant value and dramatic cost savings 
  • Improve performance under dynamic operating conditions
  • Exceed key performance metrics

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