Dear Valued Customer,

We wanted to inform you about an important update regarding the BenchVue Included License. We have transitioned the BV Included license fully to the BenchVue Basic App, making it easier for you to access and use the PathWave BenchVue software that comes with your instrument purchase.

With this transition, you no longer need to go through the process of installing or redeeming a license.

Simply install the desired BenchVue Basic App below and you'll have full access to the software without any additional steps.

Here are the key changes you will notice:

  1. License Activation: The activation process for the BenchVue Included license has been removed starting with platform version 2022.1. This means you no longer need a BenchVue Included license and you can start using the BenchVue Basic Apps immediately.
  2. Technical Support: The BenchVue Basic Apps do not come with technical support. If you require technical support or access to the latest version of the software, we recommend considering the licensed version of the app.
Key Changes
BenchVue Basic BenchVue Included License
Pricing Free Free
License Activation   Not required Required
Technical Support Not available Not available
NOTE: We want to emphasize that the BenchVue Basic App is provided as-is, but that any critical bugs will be promptly addressed.