5G Solutions for Network Equipment Manufacturers


5G Solution for Network

Equipment Manufacturers

Network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) continue to accelerate product launches to gain 5G market share. 5G requires new technologies and performance improvements that challenge the way engineers design, test, and optimize 5G base stations (gNB) and network equipment. Keysight’s expertise and solutions for radio frequency (RF) design and Internet Protocol (IP) networking enable NEMs to accelerate the delivery of secure, reliable, and cost-effective 5G products.

Overview: End-to-End 5G Solutions

Connect and Accelerate the Workflow

Since the launch of the first 5G chipsets in 2018, chipset vendors, device makers, NEMs, and service providers have been jockeying for leadership position. The 5G rollout phase is in full swing, with new commercial 5G deployments added every week as service providers rush to expand 5G coverage. Standards have continued to evolve since 5G New Radio (NR) emerged in 2017 with the approval of the non-standalone (NSA) version. The standalone (SA) version and other releases followed in 2018. Release 16 in 2021 brought necessary capabilities for vehicle-to-everything and Industrial Internet of Things applications, unlicensed bands, and high frequencies. Release 17 will add even more enhancements in 2022. Technical complexity is high. NEMs need to integrate complex multichannel antennas over many frequency bands. Other objectives include lower latency and support for a broad range of machine and user behaviors in base stations. NEMs need test solutions that accelerate time to market.

Research and Development Solutions

to Accelerate Innovation


NEMs building 5G base stations need to integrate complex multichannel antenna arrays from sub-6 GHz to millimeter-wave (mmWave) frequencies. They also need to deliver lower latency and support a comprehensive range of machine-to-machine user behaviors. Keysight partnered early with chipset makers, device manufacturers, and network operators to understand 5G challenges for designers. The goal: to deliver innovative 5G design automation, waveform and signal generation analysis, and over-the-air (OTA) test solutions.

Design Automation


PathWave System Design (SystemVue)

Keysight’s PathWave System Design (SystemVue) is electronic design automation (EDA) software for electronic system-level designs. The EDA software enables engineers to innovate the physical layer (PHY) of wireless communication systems. The solution features baseband exploration and verification libraries to create and quickly verify algorithms and high-performance system architectures. It also includes application personalities and design kits for deeper analysis and implementation tasks. Beam performance in a system is a key application addressed by System Vue.

PathWave System Design (SystemVue) baseband verification and exploration libraries

Access a compilation of sources, receivers, functions blocks, reference designs, native source code for PHY blocks, and standard documentation. These libraries help you verify algorithms and high-performance system architectures quickly. PathWave System Design (SystemVue) standards-based baseband PHY libraries include the following:

  • W4522E PathWave 5G and Cellular Library
  • W4503E PathWave Phased Array Simulation
  • W1918EP LTE-Advanced Baseband Verification Library* (also includes LTE)
  • W4501E PathWave Comms / DSP Simulation

Perform deeper analysis and implementation tasks with the following application personalities and design kits:

  • W4503E PathWave Phased Array Simulation
  • W4502E PathWave RF Simulation


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