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N5194A and N5192A UXG Agile Vector Adapter 50 MHz to 40 GHz

Configuration Guides

N5194A and N5192A UXG Agile Vector Adapter

Configure Your New UXG Agile Vector Adapter

This step-by-step process will help you configure your UXG agile vector adapter. Tailor the performance to meet your requirements.

Included in the base product

Standard options and accessories come with the UXG base model at no additional charge and do not need to be ordered. They include:

  • 512 MSa baseband waveform memory per channel
  • 250 MSa/s vector operation
  • 512 Gbyte non-volatile waveform memory storage on removable SSD drive
  • 120 dB agile power range
  • PDW streaming2
  • One day of on-site startup assistance

Step 1. Select frequency range (required option)

Step 2. Choose connector

Step 3. Choose baseband generator bandwidth/sample rate

Step 4. Choose baseband memory size

Step 5. Choose Doppler shift

Step 6. Choose PDW Streaming

Keysight offers flexible licensing options with different terms, support subscriptions and types of licensing

How to configure: 1. Choose license type 2. Choose license term a. For perpetual licenses: Choose support subscription duration b. For subscription licenses: Choose license duration (support is included through the license time-period)

Step 7. Choose accessories.

Step 8. Choose Keysight Care Support Options

The N5194A supports options for both KeysightCare Assured and KeysightCare Enhanced. The N5192A currently does not support either of these options. However, Calibration options and Repair options can be purchased for the N5192A.

Step 9. Choose startup assistance


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