EXG X-Series Signal Generator N5173B Microwave Analog

Data Sheets


Specification (spec):

Specifications represent warranted performance of a calibrated instrument that has been stored for a minimum of 2 hours within the operating temperature range of 0 to 55 °C, unless otherwise stated, and after a 45 minute warm-up period. The specifications include measurement uncertainty. Data represented in this document are specifications unless otherwise noted.

Typical (typ):

Typical (typ) describes additional product performance information. It is performance beyond specifications that 80 percent of the units exhibit with a 95 percent confidence level at room temperature (approximately 25 °C). Typical performance does not include measurement uncertainty.

Nominal (nom) or measured (meas):

Nominal (nom) or measured (meas) describes a performance attribute that is by design or measured during the design phase for the purpose of communicating sampled, mean or average performance, such as the 50 ohm connector or amplitude drift vs. time. This data is not warranted and is measured at room temperature (approximately 25 °C).

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