Column Control DTX

N9322C Basic Spectrum Analyzer

Data Sheets


Describes the performance of parameters covered by the product warranty and apply to the full temperature range of 5 to 45°C, unless otherwise noted.


Describes additional product performance information that is not covered by the product warranty. It is performance beyond specifications that 80 percent of the units exhibit with a 95 percent confidence level over the temperature range 20 to 30°C. Typical performance does not include measurement uncertainty.


Indicates expected performance, or describe product performance that is useful in the application of the product, but are not covered by the product warranty.

The analyzer will meet its specifications when:

  • It is within its calibration cycle
  • It has been turned on at least 30 minutes
  • It has been stored at an ambient temperature within the allowed operating range for at least two hours before being turned on; if it had previously been stored at a temperature range inside the allowed storage range, but outside the allowed operating range


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Column Control DTX