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Mobile Communications DC Sources Product Overview

Technical Overviews


- Ideal for testing wireless and battery powered devices in R&D, Manufacturing, and Repair

- 20 to 30 times improvement in test throughput over general purpose DC sources

- Superior output transient performance with short or long load leads (up to 6 meters)

- Dynamic measurement system for accurate battery current drain measurement

- Battery emulation for simulating battery internal resistance

- Easy-to-use Graphical User Interface and analysis tools for bench top use

- Battery Drain Analyzer with test automation capabilities

Family of programmable electronic batteries

Keysight Technologies, Inc. offers the Mobile Communications DC Sources, a family of specialized DC power sources for design and test of digital wireless appliances. All models offer DC sourcing, current sinking, fast transient response, and measurement capabilities. These specialized power supplies are designed for the unique challenges of simulating batteries and battery packs and measuring the current being drawn by the device under test.

Overcome Battery Powered Device Testing Challenges

Digital communications devices and digital battery powered devices present a unique testing challenge: they draw rapid pulses of current. By offering superior transient performance, unmatched in the marketplace, the Keysight Mobile Communi-cations DC Sources dramatically reduce the transient voltage drop caused by the pulse loading of digital communications devices. The Keysight Mobile Communications DC Sources enable you to maximize test throughput by minimizing test interruption due to false trigger of device low voltage shutdown due to transient voltage drops.

Dynamic Measurement Capabilities

The Keysight Mobile Communications DC Sources offer a built-in advanced measurement system to accurately measure battery current when the device operates in different modes (such as talk mode, active mode, standby mode, and off/sleep mode). Measurements made during these modes are critical for ensuring that your devices are operating properly and that you are getting the most out of the battery.

Simulate both Main Battery and Charger

Single output models are recommended when you need to provide power as a replacement to your device’s main battery during testing. Dual output models are recommended when you need to provide power as a replacement to your device’s main battery and when you need to simulate the battery charger power; Use one output to connect in place of the main battery (which sinks current to simulate the main battery being charged) and use the second output to supply current to the battery charger input port.

Performs Like a Battery

With their battery emulation features, the Keysight 66319B/D and 66321B/D allow you to test your devices under the same power conditions that exist in actual use. Emulating the battery is key when characterizing battery operating life and detecting product failures. These DC sources simulate the effects of internal resistance of the battery, enabling them to emulate the operation of various battery types or batteries in different charge states.


Feature Summary

Keysight has designed in the capabil­ity and flexibility that is required for accurately testing today’s communi­cations devices as well as your next generation designs. All models offer:

–Fast output response technology

- Programmable output response compensation to accommodate all types of wiring configurations

- Advanced DSP-based dynamic measurements

- Two current measurement ranges for microampere-level standby/leakage currents and multiple ampere-level transmit currents

- Current sinking for testingand calibrating charger circuitry

- Extensive protection features (including brokensense lead detection)

- GPIB Interface, SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments), VXIplug&play drivers


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