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As our world becomes more connected and new innovations continue to emerge, test and measurement applications face new challenges with tighter budgets and tougher technology demands.


KeysightAccess accelerates your time to successful test and measurement results with flexible business solutions that enable you to access the test instruments, software, and technical expertise you need today and for the future. With a KeysightAccess subscription, you gain the technology, expertise, and tools you need to test and innovate new designs faster.


Why Partner with Keysight?


KeysightAccess provides lease-based subscription access to the best technology and expertise tailored to support your test needs:

• Tailored business, test instrumentation, and software solutions

• Access expertise to maximize impact, and minimize issues throughout the term

• Flexible monthly payments


KeysightAccess Service Offerings


Services Components


• Portfolio of leading technologies and expertise

• Keysight Care: Assured, Enhanced

• Keysight Care Software Support

• Start-up Assistance*

• Fixed-term options (12, 24, and 36 months)

• Leading edge instrument solutions

• Maximize uptime

• Committed support

• Speed-up time to first measurement

• Optimize OpEx with flexible monthly payment terms


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