• Enables high-accuracy noise figure and noise-power measurements.
  • Surpasses the accuracy of the Y-factor method and other cold-source implementations.
  • Optional scalar-calibrated method for faster measurements without an impedance tuner.
The S95029B noise figure application enables high-accuracy noise figure and noise-power measurements of amplifiers, frequency converters, and mixers by using the Keysight vector-source-correction technique. Using a source-impedance tuner to remove the effects of imperfect system-source match, this technique produces higher accuracy results than Y-factor method and other cold-source implementations--especially for in-fixture, on-wafer, and automated-test environments.

If used with the M983xA PXI VNA configured with Option 029, the S95029B software leverages the built-in low-noise receivers on both test ports (port 1 and port 2). The low-noise receivers have three gain settings and contain the necessary filters to eliminate out-of-band noise conversion up to 40 GHz.
With the M980xA PXI network analyzer, the S95029B software uses the VNA’s standard receivers for noise figure measurements. This setup requires an external preamplifier and filter(s) for devices with < 30 dB of excess noise (gain plus noise figure in dB).
The S95029B software controls Keysight N4690 Series ECal modules configured as impedance tuners for use with the M983xA and M980xA PXI VNAs. Calibration requires a standard mechanical cal kit or ECal module for the S-parameter portion of the cal (an ECal used as a tuner cannot be shared for calibration). Calibrating the VNA’s receiver for noise figure measurements requires a power meter.

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