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Add real-time analyzer capabilities to your existing analyzer with our real-time spectrum analyzer (RTSA) options. A real-time UXA, PXA, or MXA X-Series signal analyzer provides continuous acquisition of RF signals, including low-level signals occurring close to larger ones. Its conditional triggering capabilities can watch for transient or intermittent events and initiate signal capture, measurement, and display. The ultimate result — you can see more, capture more, and understand more.

  • Detect signals as short as 227 ns with 100% probability of intercept (POI)
  • Scan with up to 2 GHz of real-time bandwidth
  • Perform real-time signal analysis up to THz frequencies with external mixing
  • See small signals in the presence of large ones with up to 78 dB spurious-free dynamic range
  • Identify and record culprit signals with frequency-mask and time-qualified triggers
  • Monitor a wide span of spectrum up to the full frequency range of the analyzer with stepped density display
  • Gain more confidence in your system or signal environment knowing you can capture intermittent or transient signals as short as 418 ps
  • Accelerate communication system development by quickly switching to must-have traditional measurements like phase noise, noise figure, and more

Find Signals of Interest with Real-Time Spectrum analyzer (RTSA)

When testing radar, electronic warfare, or signal intelligence systems, it is important that you find and measure signals of interest in complex and dynamic environments. Using the real-time spectrum analyzer (RTSA), you can trigger on signals with a mask and even view signals in the time domain. Quickly link cause and effect with the X-Series signal analyzers equipped with the RTSA option.

Key Specifications

Frequency Options

From 3.6 to 110 GHz

Maximum Analysis Bandwidth

Up to 4 GHz

Maximum Real-Time Bandwidth

Up to 2 GHz

Find the Model That's Right for You

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Real time spectrum analyzer (real time signal analyzer) measurement applications RTSA

Simplify Complex Tasks and Deliver Repeatable Results with X-Series Applications

Understand the performance of your cellular, wireless, and aerospace/defense devices and designs with downloadable X-Series measurement applications.

  • Gain more insight into device performance from parametric measurements to the latest standards-compliant wireless measurements like 5G, IoT, LTE and WLAN with integrated applications that put consistent measurements at your fingertips
  • Share same measurement science and expertise across multiple hardware platforms across design, development, and production
  • Choose the best license type and terms according your need and budget

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