The ADS Core, Circuit Sim, Layout, Momentum G2, Ptolemy, Advanced Layout Bundle is recommended for:

  • RF Module / RF SiP Co-Design and Verification (IC, laminant, PCB, package, and module)

The ADS Core, Circuit Sim, Layout, Momentum G2, Ptolemy, Advanced Layout Bundle functionality is shown in the table below.

Functionality in this Bundle
Model Number Name Description
W2200BP ADS Core Provides essential RF and microwave design capabilities in a highly productive enterprise schematic design environment. Fast linear simulation, comprehensive filter and passive circuit synthesis.
W2300EP Harmonic Balance Element Provides analysis of non-linear circuits excited with multi-tone sources, and extensive, pre-configured simulation setups useful in amplifier, RF, microwave, oscillator and custom circuit designs.
W2301EP Circuit Envelope Element Provides efficient simulation technique for complex digitally modulated RF signals in addition to templates for designing linearizers, RF Systems, and PLL Systems.
W2302EP Transient Convolution and Channel Simulation Element Advanced time-domain Element that includes Transient Simulator (SPICE transient analysis including HSPICE and Spectre compatibility modes), IBIS Model Library, Convolution Simulator (creates time-domain models from frequency domain data), Channel Simulator (includes bit-by-bit and statistical modes, eye diagrams and BER contours, IBIS AMI), Front Panels (including jitter decomposition), Encrypted HSPICE Co-simulation interface, and Broadband SPICE Model Generator.
W2321EP Layout Element Comprehensive physical design environment specifically geared for high-frequency circuit development, including artwork translators for DXF, Gerber, IGES and GDS-TT formats.
W2341EP Momentum G2 Element 3-D planar electromagnetic (EM) simulator used for passive circuit analysis. Also includes modules for animating current flow in conductors and slots, circuit optimization and analytical modeling.
W2361EP Ptolemy Element System-level simulation and design solution for synchronous and timed-synchronous dataflow, model analysis/optimization, HDL Cosim, and Digital, 802.xx, Antenna, Radio and Bluetooth design models.
W2320EP Advanced Layout Element Provides access to advanced ADS layout capabilities not covered by the standard ADS layout element license.

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