Use this SCSI-II 68-pin connector and 2-meter cable with U2300A and U2500A series USB modular DAQs


  • 2 meter long SCSI cable with 68 pin connector

The Keysight U2902A is an accessory compatible and recommended to be used with the U2300A Series USB Modular Multifunction Data Acquisition and U2500A Series USB Modular Simultaneous Sampling Multifunction Data Acquisition. The pin-outs of the U2902A is dependent on the USB Data acquisition unit that it is working with. For more information, please refer to the data sheet or the user guide of the USB Data Acquisition unit that U2902A is to be used with.

Recommended Set-up:
Models Qty of U2902A
U2351A 1
U2352A 1
U2353A 1
U2354A 1
U2355A 2
U2356A 2
U2331A 2
U2541A 1
U2542A 1
U2531A 1