N52xxA to N52xxB Model Upgrade

Keysight Technologies introduced the N524xB PNA-X, N522xB PNA, and N523xB PNA-L products in June 2017. These products contain all of the functionality that existed in the "A" model. These "B" models have the fresh, new Keysight appearance and an updated user interface. In addition, the application software licensing has been changed, and the PNA-X hardware option structure has been simplified.

The new option and software structure is detailed in the N52xxB Configuration Guide.

An overview of all of the changes is contained in the B Model Overview PDF document linked below.

There are two ways to order this A-to-B model upgrade. The N52xxAU-690 kit consists of all the hardware needed to upgrade an "A" model which already contains all of the most recent boards. Order this kit if the N52xxA contains the version 7 CPU. The N52xxAU-691 kit consists of the same upgrade hardware as the 690 kit, plus the latest CPU board. Order this kit if the N52xxA contains the version 4, 5, or 6 CPU board. Both kits come with a new SSD containing Windows 10.

If additional hardware upgrades are ordered at the same time as one of these A-to-B model upgrades, they should be ordered under the B model hardware upgrade option N52xxBU-xxx.

Information on the DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizers) Enhancement can be found in the DDS Enhancement PDF document linked below. The enhanced DDS synthesizer is not included in the A-to-B model upgrade. DDS upgrades are ordered under the B model upgrade option N52xxBU-2S7 or -4S7. Note: N5244B/45B models (upgraded from A to B) require s/n 5200xxxx and above to accept the DDS hardware. The N5244A/45A chassis shipped during 2009-2011 will not fit the DDS assembly.

All N524xA PNA-X, N522xA PNA, and N523xA PNA-L products built after 01 Dec 2015 (serial numbers MY/US5540 and above) can be upgraded to their respective "B" models by simply ordering the N52xxAU-690 upgrade kit. This kit contains a new front panel, outer cover, front handles, side straps, and many other parts. This kit includes a new Windows 10 solid-state drive and Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity label. All software options in the PNA prior to being upgraded will be converted over to the B-Model "S93xxxB" application license format.

At the conclusion of this upgrade, every part is identical to a new "B" model. The upgraded unit can be fully supported the entire time Keysight sells new "B" models, plus five years after that.

Older PNAs that still have their original version 4, 5 or 6 CPU can be upgraded to their respective "B" models by ordering the N52xxAU-691 upgrade kit. This kit contains everything in the 690 kit, plus the latest CPU and SSD. Please note that the purchase and installation of additional hardware along with the A-to-B upgrade kit will likely be required.

To determine any additional requirements for each individual PNA, you should run the Upgrade Evaluation Program linked below which will look at each component and determine the parts that are required in addition to the option 690 / 691 upgrade kit. This program should be run from any location on the PNA. Make sure the PNA application is already running when the program is launched. Please note that this program has difficulties running with Windows XP and very old firmware. If the PNA is still using Windows XP, please update the firmware to one of the A.09.xx versions.

Option H29: For three years, Agilent/Keysight sold the N5244A and N5245A with option H29, Noise Figure measurements up to 26.5 GHz. In 2012, option H29 was discontinued and replaced with option 029. Support for option H29 was not continued into the firmware for the N52xxB models. Instruments with option H29 cannot be upgraded from the A to B model.

The installation of the A-to-B upgrade kit requires that the PNA has the following hardware or later versions:

Assembly Part Number Serial prefix for PNAs that started
using these boards
(PNAs with these serial prefixes do not need the associated boards to be upgraded.)
If the PNA has an older version than that listed:
CPU, version 7 or above required W1312-60210 or W1312-60211 MY/US5540 and above Order the -690 kit if CPU version 7 is already installed. Order the -691 kit if an older CPU is installed
SPAM 5 required N5240-60078
For 2-port PNAs, also order 1x N5247-60023 and 1x N5247-60024
MY/US5200 and above Order N8989A-SP5 if SPAM4 is installed
IF Multiplexer,
version B required
- - does not apply to PNA-Ls
N5240-60062 MY/US5240 and above Order N8989A-MX2 if IF Mux version A is installed
versions E, F or G* required
(See note below)
N5240-60076 (single board) or N5242-60168 (3 board kit)
Note: 2-port PNAs without option 224 need two synthesizer boards.
4-port PNAs or 2-port option 224 PNAs need three synthesizer boards.
MY/US5120 and above Order N8989A-SR6 if version D synthesizers are installed
Test Set Motherboard with 4MB Flash memory required
N5245-60163 MY/US4940 and above (only very old N5241A/42A are affected) Order N5245-60163 if Test Set Motherboard has 2MB flash memory
Noise Receiver Board **
- - N5241A/42A option 029 only
N5245-60124 MY/US5542 and above Order N5245-60125 if the customer wants to optionally replace their N5242-60098 board.  This requires the N5242-20322 (W141) and N5242-20323 (W143) cable to also be purchased and installed.

*Note: N8989A-SR6 synthesizers are not needed when A to B model upgrade is ordered along with the DDS synthesizer upgrade (N524xBU-2S7/N524xBU-4S7/N522xBU-2S7/N522xBU-4S7).

**Note: The older N5242-60098 noise receiver board for the N5241A/42A currently works in the N5241B/42B. However, the functionality is not thoroughly tested anymore when we release new firmware. There may come a time when new firmware does not work with this older board, and the only option will be to upgrade the board. Upgrading now to the N5245-60124 board will proactively prevent any future firmware incompatibility.

If the CPU, SPAM, IF Multiplexer, or Synthesizer boards do not match the part numbers shown here, they will need to be ordered along with the option 690 / 691 upgrade kit. Some N8989A options include a small fee to cover the cost of adjusting the boards. The xxxxx-xxxxx part numbers can be ordered through Keysight's Find-A-Part page. Ordering parts this way is more expensive than ordering the N8989A options, but no additional fee will be charged for installation or adjustments when installing these boards along with the model upgrade.

Since each A-to-B upgrade kit contains material unique to each model number, the upgrade model ordered must match the unit being upgraded.

All upgrades must be performed at a Keysight service center. The new licensing system requires that the instrument be registered and initialized on the Keysight domain. If the requirement to send the instrument to Keysight for upgrading is problematic, please contact us for possible alternatives.

The cost of the option 690 upgrade kit, installation, and a full calibration is approximately $15k. The cost of the other hardware required for older PNA-X configurations can be as high as $25k, making the total cost up to $40k. The service centers can issue a separate quote for this additional hardware, if it is not ordered up front.