Keysight’s 5G wireless test platforms are modular and scalable, enabling testing via a range of methods and frequencies. They comprise the following key building blocks:

  • E7515B UXM 5G Wireless Test Platform
    • The world’s most powerful and integrated 5G network emulator
    • Simultaneous support for multiple radio access technologies in a single unit, minimizing the system size and footprint
    • Supports 5G NR in both non-standalone (NSA) and standalone (SA) modes
    • Supports LTE either standalone, as the anchor for 5G NSA modes, or for inter-RAT testing
    • Supports 3G for inter-RAT testing
    • 380MHz to 6GHz frequency range, with 8 Tx + 4 Rx RF ports
    • Scalable bandwidth 8Tx/4Rx @800MHz, 4Tx/2Rx @1600MHz
    • Integrated BBIQ interface
    • Internal PC and touch-screen interface enabling benchtop usage via test applications
    • Supports baseband fading for advanced performance testing
  • E7515R UXM 5G Wireless Test Platform
    • Optimized platform for 5G NR RedCap and CIoT testing
    • Integrated BBIQ interface
    • 2 TX DL + 2 RX UL RF ports @ 100MHz
    • FR1 up to 6GHz and FR2-ready
    • R17 UL Coverage Enhancements
  • E7515W UXM Wireless Connectivity Test Platform
    • Integrated 5G network emulator supporting Wi-Fi 7 and previous technology generations
    • Supports both Wi-Fi Station & AP Test
    • Station Cellular & Wi-Fi interoperability in one box
    • Fixed Wireless Access Test from one box including client hotspot testing
    • Full Wi-Fi 7 capability with 4x4 320MHz 4kQAM

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E7515B UXM 5G Wireless Test Platform

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5G Wireless Test Platforms

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