The N5245BQ provides the N5245B 50 GHz PNA-X network analyzer, application software and accessories for frequency converter measurements with modulated signal such as EVM, NPR and ACPR in addition to gain, gain compression, IMD and other measurements


  • bundled solution for linear and nonlinear frequency converter measurements
  • gain, group delay, gain compression, IMD, and noise figure measurements
  • EVM, NPR, and ACPR measurements with modulated signal using a vector signal generator
  • same performance as the Keysight N5245B PNA-X

What's included:

  • N5245B 50 GHz PNA-X network analyzer with Options 423 and 029
  • S93007B, S93029B, S93083B, S93084B, S93086B, S93087B, S93089B, and S930705B application software products
  • accessories for calibration and measurements
    • N4693D 50 GHz ECal module
    • U8487A 50 GHz USB power sensor
    • U9391F 50 GHz comb generator
    • N1966A pulse input / output adapter
    • four N9910X-714 2.4 mm male-female test cables