The best way for engineering students to prepare for the real world is by building skills that will be in demand wherever their talent and interests lead. That is one of the many reasons why the Keysight EDA University Education Support Program has supported universities worldwide for over 25 years with programs that make our software easy to integrate into engineering studies.

Online Classroom Support

If your studies are going online, Keysight can help. The student license program provides engineering students and professors at supported universities with fully functional software licenses for use on their personal computers. Students can request remote software licenses to continue their learning online.

University Support Programs support engineering online classrooms.
PathWave Design Software University Educational Support Program helps universities create quality engineer.

Learn the Fundamentals

Get started with the journey of building software design skills with these resources.

Workspaces, Books, and Labs

As an educator or researcher, building new skills for students begins with you. But you don’t need to start from scratch.

Lecturer teaching with Keysight education engineering resources
University Student Certification Program.

University Student Certification Program

Keysight’s certification program gives universities the help they need to create industry-ready engineering students.

Keysight EDA Software

Accelerate your product design cycle with integrated circuit design and simulation software. Know your performance under simulated real-world conditions before you build.

Design Software Engineer

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