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Calibration Frequency – Too Much?

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High confidence in the test system directly translates to high confidence in the DUT test results and “high” costs buying that confidence. The opposite is true as well. Low confidence in the test system is a guarantee of low confidence in the DUT test results, but a great way to trim costs. Between the “too much” and the “not enough” is the elusive balance point between cost and confidence. This paper will explain the variables that are at work in the world of calibration, how they can be used to find that balance point, and ultimately answer those most important questions. “Will the product work?” and “How much is it going to cost me to know?” It will also provide a common denominator in the languages used by the metrologists and manufacturing.

Webster’s Dictionary has always been a favorite of mine. He worked night and day to define our language to a “T”, no pun intended. Then we create nuances around each word to match our needs in verbal communication. One would think that any words connected with the world of metrology would be meticulously defined and universally used and understood. That however is not the case. Here is some metrological and manufacturing vocabulary as described in Webster’s.


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