N7624B Signal Studio for LTE and LTE-Advanced FDD or N7625B Signal Studio for LTE and LTE-Advanced TDD

The MSR waveform package contains typical waveforms of various cellular radio formats used to generate downlink MSR signals. The all waveforms are resampled at 61.44MHz for quicker carrier summing.

Download and installation instruction

  1. Download the file linked below and execute it
  2. From Signal Studio LTE and LTE-A FDD version 11.0 and TDD version, select "Tools", "Waveform Library" to open Library Manager
  3. "View" "Refresh" to update folder information

Note: To use waveform library, either N7624B-JFP or N7625B-JFP Basic LTE-Advanced option license and each of waveform’s licenses are required.

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