Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC)

Process Design Kit (PDK) support: PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) supports IPL Alliance iPDK. In order to use a TSMC iPDK in ADS, a set of configuration and setup files are needed from Keysight. To get those files from Keysight, first get the required iPDK package from TSMC, then write an email to Keysight PDK support (pdl-eesof_pdk_support@keysight.com) with the appropriate requisite TSMC document number, iPDK package name and the confirmation of the receipt of iPDK package from TSMC.

Substrate stack-up file for Electromagnetic Simulation: TSMC shares only one file format, iRCX, that contains the substrate stack-up information. TSMC’s Field Technical Support (FTS) must be contacted to get access to a particular technology node iRCX file for use with Keysight tools. Upon receipt of the iRCX file from TSMC use Keysight’s iRCX importer, to create the required substrate stack-up file (LTD file) for use with Keysight’s RFPro/ Momentum.

For information on the Substrate Editor and iRCX Importer, refer to the Keysight documentation on Substrate File Definitions.

Note: Please use the official/ business email ID only to write to Keysight PDK support.

TSMC Parter of The Year 2023 award for Keysight Technologies, Joint Development of mmWave Design Solutions.




Keysight Technologies receives the Partner of The Year 2023 award from TSMC for Joint development of mmWave Design Solutions.

TSMC Parter Collaboration 2023 award for Ansys, Keysight Technologies, Synopsys Inc.




Keysight Technologies receives the Partner Collaboration 2023 award from TSMC including Ansys, Keysight Technologies, and Synopsys, Inc.