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Plug & Play for a Single Network Link


IxTap,10/100/1000Mbps is a secure, plug and play, TAA compliant copper tap device for a single network link. IxTap is a standard break out copper tap that can also perform probe- for last mile blind spot monitoring. 


A copper tap can be deployed onto any inline copper network link, delivering permanent monitoring access ports. The IxTap provides an out-of-band monitoring platform for security devices, with all traffic, as if it were sitting inline. The tap sends copies of all the traffic, including Layer 1 and Layer 2 errors, from each side of the full-duplex network link to its respective monitor ports. 


The IxTap has air gapped monitor ports, based on the principle of unidirectional data diode, providing physical network isolation by blocking malicious or accidental traffic that is transmitted back onto the monitor ports. What this means is that the IxTap physically blocks attempts to attack your network through the monitor ports. 


The IxTap supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) and jumbo frames  pass-through, on  both  network ports A and B. 


For extra uptime protection, the IxTap is supplied with redundant power connections. Should the primary power source fail, the IxTap automatically switches to the backup power source. Should both input power sources fail or be removed, fail to wire will take place: traffic continues to pass traffic between the network ports, as if the tap wasn’t there.




• TAA compliant, smart copper 10/100/1000Mbps

• 2 network ports + 2 monitoring ports

• Fail to wire

• Air gapped monitor ports provide network isolation for added security based on data diode principle

• Does not modify traffic

• Auto speed negotiation • Power over Ethernet (PoE) and jumbo frames passthrough

• Passes all traffic (including errors) from all layers

• Cost effective – avoid costly expenses managing SPAN ports

• Hawkeye endpoint (Probe mode only)


Simple Tap


IxTap is factory preset to Simple Tap mode and arrives at your facility without an IP address. It is unmanaged and air gapped for added security. In Simple Tap Mode, the IxTap operates in half duplex mode, where monitor port A will transmit traffic received on network port A, and monitor port B will transmit traffic received on network port B. In simple tap mode the IxTap operates at full line rate. 


Network managed Tap


IxTap Copper tap has an optional remote management capability. By enabling IP connectivity either through management port (out of band) or on the monitored link (in-band), IxTap allows remote connectivity for local management, which include:


- Packet counts on each interfaces

- Configurable SNMP traps on packet counts 


Remote control interface can be fully protected via access list configuration.


Remote control can be accessed via cli (ssh) or UI via standard browser.


Best in class GUI has dashboard view with configuration via point and click. Tap mode and port status are available on a single screen, and a separate statistics page shows a variety of packet data for network and monitor ports. 


Active Network Monitoring Features


Hawkeye, Keysight’s active network monitoring platform, helps you get ahead of the curve. By sending synthetic traffic to hardware or software-based endpoints across your network, you can prevent outages while getting a detailed look at quality of service (QoS) in real time. 


IXTap, is able to inject inline and/or out-of-band synthetic traffic when configured as a Hawkeye Endpoint, allowing you to detect, diagnose, and fix performance problems at branch offices or within the enterprise data center.


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