Add spectrum analysis to your P50xxB Streamline series vector network analyzer


Add High-Performance Spectrum Analysis to your P50x0B Streamline Series Vector Network Analyzer

  • Fast spurious searches up to 4.5 GHz
  • Efficient multi-channel spectrum analysis with internal swept-signal generators
  • Very accurate in-fixture and on-wafer spectrum measurements using VNA calibration
  • Fast and accurate Noise Power Ratio (NPR) measurements

The S970900B spectrum analysis adds high-performance analysis to the P5000B and P5020B Streamline Series Vector Network Analyzers (VNA). With fast stepped-FFT sweeps resulting from optimized data processing, the SA application provides quick spurious searches over a broad frequency range. Make simultaneous spectrum measurements using multiple test and reference receivers. Increase the efficiency of spurious signals measurements emanating from mixers and frequency converters using the multi-channel SA with internal swept-signal generators. The SA application employs source-power and receiver-response calibration and fixture de-embedding for in-fixture and on-wafer spectrum measurements with the highest level of accuracy.

Achieve accurate and fast noise power ratio (NPR) measurements by setting up and controlling external signal generator/arbitrary waveform generators and calibrating the flatness of a wideband signal and distortion signals in notches.

The installed SA license or the stop frequency of the instrument, whichever is smaller, determines the upper-frequency range of the SA application.

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