Provide Remote Language Compatibility (RLC) to HP 856xE/EC and 8566/68 for remote language programming.


  • Emulates the HP/Keysight 856xE/EC remote programming language
  • Emulates the HP/Keysight 8566/68 remote programming language
  • Supports the most frequently used 856xE/EC and 8566/68 commands
  • Command error logging
  • Support traditional user interface and SCPI remote interface programming
  • KeysightCare software support subscription included
  • Keysight supports tiered X-app models with N-models for UXA/PXA/PXE, E-models for MXA/EXA/MXE/VXT. The higher tiered X-app models can run at the lower platforms, which means N-models can run on all platforms, and E-models can only run on MXA/EXA/MXE/VXT.

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