The FKPI Automation test software provides an automated benchtop solution for testing the functional performance of 4G LTE and 5G NR cellular devices. It leverages the 5G Test Application (TA) Framework that controls the UXM 5G Network Emulator and enables user experience testing of performance indicators.

  • Data Throughput
  • Battery Life
  • Audio Performance (VoLTE/VoNR)
  • Emergency Services
  • Basic RF Tx/Rx
  • WLAN Performance Tests
  • Mobility Verification (Call Continuity during handovers, reselections, etc.)
  • Regulatory & Carrier Acceptance test cases
  • Dual-SIM functionality with one UXM 5G:
    • Dual-SIM Dual Standby (DSDS)
    • Dual-SIM Dual Active (DSDA)
  • LBS A-GNSS Testing
  • Field-To-Lab Testing
  • Advanced 5G NR Features:
    • Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS)
    • Bandwidth Parts (BWP)
    • Physical Layer

Test Campaign Creation

The FKPI Automation test software provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface for creating, configuring, and running test campaigns. For ease, many example test scenarios are provided and can be customized for the specific user experience test.

Create a custom test campaign using pre-defined test steps or create user-specific steps. For each test step, easily define test-specific parameters such as, for example, network configuration, LTE or NR FR1/FR2, duplex mode FDD or TDD, band, etc. Also, add test steps to configure parameters like DL and UL scheduling, and then steps to perform the functional test, such as data throughput, current consumption, establish VoLTE/VoNR call, emergency service, RF downlink and target uplink power levels, event-based handover, all with associated pass/fail criteria.

Functional KPI Automation Test Software - UXM 5G Automation Toolset software

Test Campaign Execution and Results

When the test campaign is executed, details of each test step are shown in the Log view, making it extremely useful for troubleshooting issues during campaign development. Results of each test step are shown in the Results and Throughput views. Test step verdict, green for pass, red for fail or error, is also shown in the Test Tree as the campaign progresses.

Results and logs of the test campaign are automatically stored to file. A summary report can be generated in different standard formats; .csv and .pdf.

FKPI Automation Test Software Key Specifications

The FKPI Automation test software extends the functionality of the UXM 5G Test Application by providing an automated suite of test scenarios, including:

  • Network modes: LTE, NR NSA and SA, FR1 and FR2
  • Data throughput:
    • single carrier or carrier aggregation
    • SISO and MIMO
    • Support for multiple protocols like UDP, TCP and FTP
    • at MAC or IP layer
  • Support for flexible UXM 5G RFIO mapping (Dynamic Antenna Mapping), enables single connection to device
  • Audio functional verification: VoLTE and VoNR, support for IMS/SIP server and client
  • Bandwidth Parts (BWP) testing: flexible BWP configurations, BWP switching
  • Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) testing
  • Dual-SIM testing, dual standby and dual active scenarios, voice and data
  • Battery drain verification, current and power consumption measurements using N6705C DC power analyzer
  • Mobility testing: handovers, selections, reselections, redirections, event-based
  • Public Warning Services (PWS) or Emergency Alerts testing: CMAS and ETWS
  • Flexible RF transmitter and receiver measurements: channel power, occupied bandwidth, ACLR, SEM, EVM, Rx BLER, and Rx RSRP
  • Support for channel emulation
  • Support for GPS generation using EXG or MXG vector signal generator

S8703A Functional KPI Toolset

The Functional KPI Toolset provides an automated benchtop environment for device development and design engineers to quickly inspect and verify the functional performance of 5G devices.

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