Reliable, quick and consistent connection between FAKRA and SMA

  • Adapt FAKRA to SMA for connection to an oscilloscope or other test equipment
  • Use standalone or with AE6941A automotive test fixture
  • Measurement accuracy and versatility for automotive MDI adaption
  • Bandwidth DC – 6 GHz

The Keysight AE6961A FAKRA to 3.5 SMA adapter offers a way of connecting to your automotive MDI interface. FAKRA products have been designed specifically for automotive applications. They are designed to work DC to 6 GHz. On the other end of the connecter is an RPC-3.50 connector (Rosenberger Precision Connector). The RPC connector is intermateable with common 3.50 mm, SMA, K and RPC-2.92 connectors. 

AE6961A fixtures are from Rosenberger and can be used for Automotive Ethernet 802.3ch and for lower gears of MIPI A-PHY, ASA. For more information please see the links below:



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