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Creating your Competitive Edge: Uncompromised Visibility and Security Performance

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Seeking a Performance Advantage

As enterprises, government agencies, and service providers upgrade networks to 10G, 40G, and 100G, key concerns are the ability of security and monitoring tools to support accelerated speeds and throughput, and maximizing the business contribution and investment provided by these tools. Uncompromised visibility, where the organization has end-to-end views of each and every critical packet, becomes a business imperative, resulting in greater security and meeting essential performance thresholds.

Research from IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) shows 47% of businesses are not properly utilizing the tools they have in place, and 25% of tools are often overloaded and dropping packets. Inserting a Network Packet Broker (NPB) into your security solution to filter, load balance and distribute monitoring data not only provides a welcome performance improvement, but invariably represents a leap forward in the solution value and return on investment. An NPB can extend the lifetime of slower monitoring tools and enable others to more effectively process traffic when duplicate packets and non-suspect data is filtered out.  


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