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Reduce Integration Time, Speed Tests

For over 50 years, Keysight's automated test equipment (ATE) power supplies have changed how engineers validate their designs, understand issues, and ensure product quality. The compact design of Keysight's programmable ATE power supplies makes it easy to integrate them into any system.

Keysight power supplies make it easy to update a test program with modern interfaces, LXI-core capability, and SCPI language. In addition, Keysight’s ATE system power supplies will accelerate test times with rapid command processing and settling times.

Get Hands-On Learning

In the N6700 DC power supply hands-on video series, you will learn how to install modules, best practices for rack mounting the unit, how to program the N6700 using Keysight's free command expert tool, tips to protect your DUT, and how to select the right modules for your application.

Unboxing and Module Installation

Best Practices for Rack Mounting

How to Program the N6700

How to Protect Your DUT

Selecting the Right Modules

Three Ways to Boost ATE System Power Supply Throughput

Boost ATE Power Supply Throughput

This white paper will guide you on how to increase throughput to reduce costs. Increased throughput comes from faster programming and command processing times, parallel device testing, built-in output sequencing, and arbitrary waveform capabilities with fast transient response times. Faster testing speeds will enable more rigorous testing of devices, decreasing false positive and negative rates.

Integrate and Configure Your ATE Power Supply

As a test system engineer, you face a constant stream of new verification requirements that require changing your test plans. Meeting these challenges can be difficult, but there are tactics to ensure you get the most out of your system power supplies. You can learn these tactics in the Keysight eBook:

Integrate and Configure Your ATE System Power Supply

Extend Your Capabilities With The Right Tools

Technology is constantly changing. So too are the requirements engineers face. Get more functionality out of your existing hardware today by complementing it with the right accessories to improve productivity and the right Keysight PathWave design and test automation software to accelerate your product development.

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Frequently Asked Questions About ATE System Power Supplies

What is an ATE system power supply?

An automated test equipment (ATE) power supply is a specialized type of power supply used in electronics and electrical engineering for automated testing of electronic systems and components. These power supplies are an integral part of ATE systems. Engineers use them to automatically test and diagnose faults in electronic devices, from simple components like capacitors to complex integrated circuits and devices.

How do I choose the right power supply for my ATE system?

Consider the voltage and current requirements of the devices under test. Also, think about the required precision and accuracy, the command and programming speeds needed to achieve the desired throughput, thermal management capabilities, and overall reliability and safety features of the power supply.

What are the types of system power supplies?

Two major categories of AC-to-DC power supplies are linear and switching power supplies.

Linear power supplies employ a large transformer to convert the AC voltage down to a lower amplitude, followed by a series of rectifier and filtering circuits that produce a very clean, ripple-free DC voltage. Linear power supplies typically have the disadvantage of being much larger and heavier than equivalent switching power supplies.

In contrast, switching power supplies use a switching regulator to control high-power pass transistors that feed fully rectified and filtered AC line voltage into a step-down transformer and additional rectifying and filtering circuits.

While more complex in design, switching power supplies are more efficient, smaller, and lighter than equivalent linear power supplies. Modern switching power supplies can provide low-noise DC output equivalent to that of linear power supplies.

What is a modular ATE system power supply?

A modular ATE system power supply is a highly adaptable and configurable power supply system used in testing and measurement applications. It consists of multiple power supply modules in a single frame or chassis.

Users can individually select each module to meet specific requirements of the testing setup, including power levels, measurement accuracy and precision, and more. This modular design allows for a versatile and scalable solution, enabling users to customize the power supply according to the diverse and changing needs of different electronic devices under test.

What are the different operating modes of an ATE power supply?

Constant voltage mode is defined as an operating mode in which the DC source maintains its output voltage at the programmed voltage setting despite changes in load, AC line, or temperature. In comparison, constant current mode is defined as an operating mode in which the DC source maintains its output current at the programmed current limit despite changes in load, AC line, or temperature. For a more detailed assessment of DC priority modes and help in selecting what mode is better suited for a particular application refer to the Keysight blog, Characteristics of DC Power Source Priority Modes.

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