• Quickly configure and generate 5G NR and LTE 3GPP single or multi-carrier compliant FDD and TDD waveforms
  • Fully automated generation of Ethernet based O-RAN CU-plane messages with eCPRI transport encapsulation types compliant with ORAN-WG4.CUS.0-v10.00
  • Real-time FrameID generation and CRC Calculation
  • Analyze both FR1 and FR2 radio downlink (DL) and uplink (UL) paths
  • O-RAN Sections types and Section Extensions configuration
  • Beamforming support
  • Capture and accurately timestamp O-RAN responses
  • Visualize and fully decode O-RAN traces with flow-based filtering
  • Supports split option 7.2x compliant CU-plane stimulus generation and analysis
  • Measure O-RAN traffic over 10 Gbps / 25 Gbps (fronthaul) Ethernet interfaces

Open RAN Studio includes powerful O-RAN focused tools to construct, play, capture, and measure O-RAN traffic over 10 Gbps to 25 Gbps (fronthaul) Ethernet interfaces. Out of the box integration with Keysight’s industry leading PathWave Signal Generation for 5GNR and 89600 VSA software enables sophisticated 5G and LTE signal creation and easy capture, extraction, and export of IQ vectors – for advanced modulation analysis of received RF / mmWave signals and radio performance. Additionally, when combined with Keysight spectrum analyzers and signal sources, the integrated Open RAN Studio solution delivers the most comprehensive cross domain, multi-channel RF / mmWave and O-RAN protocol measurements available in the industry, for both FR1 and FR2 radios, downlink (DL) and uplink (UL) paths.

U5040BSCB Open RAN Studio for O-RU Testing and Validation

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