Keysight’s F9660A 3D Multi-Probe Anechoic Chamber (3D MPAC) is a configurable multi-probe OTA measurement platform for 5G NR millimeter-wave test. The F9660A integrates with Keysight’s Network Emulation and Channel Emulation Solutions for conformance, verification, and performance test

The unique design of the F9660A allows the customer to choose chamber configurations which supports 3GPP conformance test cases for 2 Angle-of-Arrival (2AoA) Radio Resource Management (RRM), 3GPP FR2 MIMO OTA tests and dynamic Beam management performance tests.

Integrating with Keysight’s S8705A RF/RRM DVT and Conformance Toolset, the F9660A 3D MPAC is configured with six probe antennas to meet the conformance test requirements of 3GPP TS 38.533. When integrated with the S8708A Advanced Performance Toolset, the chamber may be configured with two, six or eight probe antennas to support a wide variety of performance tests under faded conditions, including the requirements of 3GPP TR 38.827.

Keysight’s OTA chamber control software for the F9660A 3D MPAC provides complete control of the chamber’s roll over azimuth Device-Under-Test (DUT) positioner, while KeysightCare hardware and software support plans provide a comprehensive customer care experience.

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