The Keysight F9651A Multi-Probe Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR) chamber fulfills the 5G FR2 RF in-band and spurious and RRM up to 2 Angles of Arrival (AoA) test demands over the air, for design and verification as per 3GPP, and device acceptance as per certification bodies like GCF, PTCRB and CTIA. It also provides a measurement environment for characterizing wireless and antenna system performance of 5G devices, at millimeter-wave (mmWave) frequencies.

The F9651A platform architecture allows the customer to configure the chamber to suit their requirements, with a wide range of available options and upgrades. Choose either in-band only (24-42 GHz or 24-55 GHz) or spurious (6-110 GHz with 24-42 GHz or 24-55 GHz for in-band) probe feed assemblies, add FR1 and FR2 link antennas, and a choice of calibration kits. Add extreme temperature condition (ETC) for 3GPP conformance testing and device/UE R&D. The F9651A also offers a choice of Quiet Zone size (30 cm or 40 cm) and device under test (DUT) holders to accommodate a wider range of UE’s.

Chamber software provides comprehensive operational control of the chamber positioner, with support for coordinate systems and measurement grids, storage/recall of chamber calibration data, and 2D/3D plotting functions. Keysight Test Automation Platform (TAP) plugins simplify the task of integrating signal and network analyzers.

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