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Power Meters and Power Sensors

Technical Overviews

Aerospace and defense applications

The U2020 X-series USB peak and average power sensors (13 ns rise/fall time), and the N1911/2A P-series power meters with the N1921/22A peak power sensors (13 ns rise/fall time) allow you to capture pulsed radar signals and evaluate several power and waveform parameters: peak, min, average, and peak-to-average ratio power, rise time, fall time, pulse width, pulse period, duty cycle, time to positive occurrence, and time to negative occurrence time.

The U2049XA and L2065XT LAN power sensors with Option TVA is meticulously designed by selecting components with minimum outgassing properties. The sensor is also subject to temperature cycling in a vacuum chamber to stabilize the materials and to remove outgassing particles.

Wireless applications

The U2040 and U/L2050/60 X-Series USB/LAN power sensors have wide dynamic ranges (96/90 dB) and make very fast measurements (50,000 readings/second). Both these power sensors and the N1911/2A P-Series power meters with the N1921/22A power sensors allow you to easily set up and make the measurements with built-in wireless presets for common signals such as DME, GSM, EDGE, WCDMA, WLAN and LTE. You can also make CCDF statistical measurements in graphical and tabular formats.

Calibration lab applications

The N432A thermal power meter with the 478A/8478B thermistor mount sensors provides metrology-class accuracy for instrument calibration.

Power Measurement Software for Simplified Data Capture

BenchVue software

The Keysight BenchVue software for the PC accelerates testing by providing intuitive, multi instrument measurement visibility and data capture with no programming necessary. You can derive answers faster than ever by easily viewing, capturing, and exporting measurement data and screenshots.

The Power Meter/Sensor Control and Analysis App (BV0007B) for BenchVue enables control of power meters and power sensors to data log and visualize measurements in a wide array of display formats. It can control multiple meters/sensors from a single instance. Calibrations can be done fast with software buttons. Presets allow quick analysis of power levels of industry standard communications signals. Trial licenses can be started with one-click using the button to the left. Licenses may be purchased from Keysight or directly from your preferred Keysight Distributor. This app supports Keysight’s USB/LAN power sensors and some power meters. Measurement Display options include:

Digital Meter View: Displays precise and exact reading (up to 4 decimal points) measured by the instrument

Analog Meter View: Displays measured reading in analog form for easier visualization of large measurement differences

Strip Chart: Displays measured reading in a graphical form (Power/time)

CCDF View: Displays the Complementary Cumulative distribution function

Trace View: Displays traces of modulated signal

Multilist View: Displays multiple power measurements


• Visualize multiple measurements simultaneously

• Easily log data, screen images and system state

• Recall past state of your bench to replicate results

• Fast measurement data export in desired formats

• Quickly access manuals, drivers, FAQs and videos

• Monitor and control your bench from mobile devices

Key features and specifications

• Control and setup your Power meters and sensors

• Setup all necessary parameters for your critical measurements

• Control multiple power meters/sensors from one instance of the software

• Log and view measurement data in the format you need: o With 6 different display types seeing what you care about has never been easier or more flexible

• Export results in three clicks: o Export data quickly to popular tools such as MATLAB and Microsoft Excel or Word for documentation or further analysis. 


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