L2-3 network infrastructure performance testing that scales to business needs

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  • Offers test coverage from 1G to 800G Ethernet.
  • Generates traffic flows that mimic realistic user applications and scenarios.
  • Works smoothly in virtualized network environments, and runs from any commercially available computing environment.
  • Delivers end-to-end test system automation.
  • Provides comprehensive protocol coverage for routing/switching, multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), broadband access, industrial Ethernet (IE), data center networking, and software-defined networking (SDN).
  • Performs rapid isolation of service violations, including thorough traffic-flow analysis.
  • Emulates a blend of real-world application traffic used on today’s networks (AppLibrary).

Network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) and operators are innovating faster than ever before to build hyperscale data center networks. That innovation includes what you test and how you test to get high-quality solutions to market ahead of the competition. This infographic highlights key network test areas that need validation to ensure end-to-end connectivity and security. Click the red text in the diagram to learn more.


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Industry's First MACsec Test Solution for High-Speed Ethernet

In today’s dynamic network environment, you need rigorous testing to deploy MACsec with confidence. This requires a realistic traffic mix of cloud and data center workloads for validating encryption throughput, service continuity during key rotation, and stability under various negative conditions.

Keysight’s IxNetwork is the industry’s first MACsec test solution for high-speed Ethernet. It provides hardware-based encryption with line-rate throughput, dynamic key provision, and high performance. You can now fully test your MACsec design, implementation, and interoperability to ensure quality and performance for massive deployments.

Elevate Your Testing with IxNetwork Web Edition

IxNetwork’s web application offers a new simple, lightweight way to connect easily from anywhere to run tests. Now you can avoid heavy client application installation, keep tests running in the background, and share and collaborate with peers across the globe with inherent session sharing. Migrate to a complete Linux environment with Native IxOS chassis and Linux-based IxNetwork Web Edition, which is available as a standalone VM or chassis-installable version.

Web Edition includes a feature-rich GUI to configure IxNetwork tests, QuickTest Web Edition, and REST API browser. The ability to switch between GUI and REST API browsers empowers easy automation.

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