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In-phase quadrature modulation, or IQ modulation, is the dominant modulation scheme in communication applications. Its efficient use of bandwidth, a critical challenge in our data-hungry world, makes IQ modulation necessary. Testing with simulated IQ signals is critical because designers face a bandwidth crunch in a spectrum filled with interference.

As a design engineer, you need to test the limits of your design to ensure real world performance. To accomplish this, you generate an ideal signal to test the design’s performance with a high-quality, known-good signal. By adding real-world characteristics to the signal, you can test your design under nonideal conditions.

If you want to create IQ signals, you need a waveform generator with adequate bandwidth and high signal integrity. You also want to ensure that you can quickly and easily generate IQ signals to simulate nonideal conditions. Keysight Trueform Series waveform generators with a built-in IQ signal player option has the capabilities you need to test your designs.


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