Keysight Technologies provides GaAs Schottky diode ideal for microwave radio, aerospace and defense, and instrumentation applications at microwave and millimeter-wave frequencies.

These millimeter-wave and microwave diodes test from DC to 110 GHz and can be mounted in various types of transmission lines.

The HSCH-916x GaAs Schottky diode is a discrete, beam lead, GaAs diode fabricated using the modified barrier integrated diode test (MBID) process.

These diode parts are sold exclusively through distribution. Please use the "Find a Distributor" button to contact your local distributor.

For information about other MMIC devices, please visit MMIC millimeter-wave and microwave devices.

Find the Device that's Right for You

Part Number Type Lower Freq (GHz) Upper Freq (GHz) Data Sheet
HSCH-9161 Detector 0 110 View now
HSCH-9162 Detector 0 110 View now
HMMC-5632-BLK/TR1 Detector 0 20 View now
Limiter 0 5 View now
HMMC-5634-BLK/TR1 Detector 0 26.5 View now
HMMC-5636-BLK/TR1 Limiter 0 26.5 View now
HMMC-5644 Limiter 0 50 View now
1GC1-8053 Limiter 0 60 Contact us to request
1GC1-8235-BLK/TR1 Limiter 0 20 Contact us to request
1GC1-8291-BLK/TR1 Limiter 0 26.5 Contact us to request
1GG5-8042 Limiter 0 26.5 Contact us to request
1GG5-8244-BLK/TR1 Limiter 0 8 Contact us to request


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