Bring RF system modeling to your design flow with the frequency domain PathWave RF analysis simulator Spectrasys. Includes component models from RF component vendors and also the frequency planning tool WhatIF. Allows designers to use X-parameter models and RF system blocks in the time domain through RF_Link.


The W4502E PathWave RF Simulation includes:

  • Simple, intuitive RF lineup and budget analysis
  • Capture nonlinear behavior with built-in and vendor-supplied models
  • Track signals throughout the RF chain for fast analysis of spurious and interference

The W4502E RF System Simulation provides an innovative simulator and use model for RF system architects, as well as Baseband and PHY-level designers who interact with RF circuits and systems. The RF Analysis is an option to the SystemVue environment that bridges design flow gaps baseband and RF designers. Create better RF systems, lowers project risk, and saves time and prototyping costs by quickly diagnosing RF/Analog effects that are difficult or impossible to characterize with spreadsheets and other analysis techniques. As an RF architecture tool, it also closes the verification loop by connecting implementation-based models from PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) and PathWave RFIC Design (GoldenGate) to Baseband algorithms, Reference IP, and test equipment, for superior RF-DSP partitioning and model-based verification.

RF Simulation provides the RF accuracy, troubleshooting diagnostics, and lightning fast modeling links from enterprise RF design flows required by system architects need to reduce excess design margins for today’s challenging wireless and defense systems, without introducing additional project risk. It is essential for physical layer systems requiring high linearity, wide bandwidth, and deep algorithmic complexity.

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