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P-Series Power Meters and P-Series Wideband Power Sensors

Technical Overviews


A winning combination of bandwidth and performance

  • LXI Class-C compliance with built-in Ethernet
  • 30 MHz video bandwidth
  • Single-shot real time and repetitive capture at 100 M-samples/s
  • Zero and calibrate while still connected to the DUT
  • Peak, average, and peak-to-average ratio power measurements

plus rise time, fall time, pulse width, time to positive occurrence

and time to negative occurrence time measurements

  • 22 presets for WiMAXTM and DME measurements
  • Conigurable reference level for rise and fall time measurement

Designed For Today’s Demanding


Today’s complex electronic devices have stringent power requirements. Keysight Technologies, Inc. P-Series power meters and sensors deliver the wide bandwidth and high performance measurements that you need to be confident that your products are meeting their power specications. The P-Series power meters have a 30 MHz video bandwidth and 100 M-sample/s continuous sampling rate for fast, accurate, and repeatable power measurements. When these meters are used with the P-Series wideband power sensors, they provide up to 40 GHz frequency coverage, wide dynamic range, and extensive measurement capability that has been optimized for aerospace/defense, wireless communication, and wireless networking (IEEE 802.11a/b/g) applications. The P-Series power meters is now LXI (LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation) Class-C compliant instrument which combines the advantages of Ethernet with simplicity and familiarity of GPIB. This helps the test systems designers and integrators to create a faster and more efficient systems. With the power of ethernet, the P-Series power meters reduces the time needed to setup, configure and debug test systems.

Packed with capability

When you choose the P-Series power meters and sensors, you get best-in-class pulse analysis and peak power measurement specifications. A high-performance, 14-bit, 100 M-sample/s measurement engine drives the P-Series power meters, so you can capture single-shot as well as repetitive events over a wide bandwidth. For applications such as radar testing that require accurate pulse measurements, the power meter and sensor combination has ≤ 13 ns warranted rise and fall time performance. With up to 30 MHz of video bandwidth, the P-Series gives you a single-instrument solution for testing wide bandwidth products such as the multi-carrier power amplifier used in the newest wireless base stations. Bandwidth lateness is corrected to 0.1 dB over the 30 MHz bandwidth for highly accurate peak power measurements.

Comprehensive power, time, and statistical


The P-Series power meters and sensors offer comprehensive measurements that satisfy the requirements of many power applications in R&D and manufacturing.

  • Peak power, min power, average power, and peak-to average ratio power measurements
  • Time-gated and free-run measurement modes
  • Automatic rise time, fall time, pulse width, pulse period, duty cycle, time to positive occurrence, and time to negative occurrence time measurements
  • Auto scale and auto gate of pulse
  • Complementary cumulative distribution function (CCDF) statistics PC-based measurement software (N1918A)2 adds even more pulse parameter and statistical analysis capability, for performance approaching that of a traditional peak power analyzer.

External calibration-free measurements

The P-Series power sensors are the first to provide “internal zero and calibration” which eliminates the need for sensor calibration using an external reference source. Keysight’s patent-pending technology (see Figure 1) integrates a dc reference source and switching circuits into each power sensor, so that you can zero and calibrate the sensor while it is connected to a device under test. This feature removes the need for connection and disconnection from the calibration source, thereby reducing test times, measurement uncertainty, and wear and tear on connectors. It is especially useful in manufacturing and automated test environments where every second and every connection counts. Sensors can be embedded within test fixtures without the need to switch in reference signals.


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