• Includes all of the capability of S93025B basic pulsed-RF measurements
  • Adds narrowband detection method
  • Point-in-pulse measurement with pulse width as narrow as 20 ns
  • Pulse-profile measurements with 10 ns minimum timing resolution
  • Enables four internal pulse generators to control internal (N522xB/N524xB Option 021 and 022) and external pulse modulators

The S93026B advanced pulsed-RF measurements includes all of the capability of the S93025B (including enabling the four internal pulse generators), and adds the narrowband-pulse-detection method to extend pulse measurement capability to 20 ns pulse widths for point-in-pulse measurements, and 10 ns timing resolution for pulse-profile measurements. 

With narrowband-detection mode, S93026B sets the coefficient of the analyzer’s digital-IF filters to null out unwanted spectral components, enables the receiver IF gates, and performs optimization for measurement sensitivity. Using the built-in pulse modulators, the PNA and PNA-X are complete pulsed-RF measurement solutions, eliminating the need for external test sets and pulse generators. The S93026B also controls external pulse generators and modulators, and can synchronize to external master pulses. The N522xB/N524xB Option 021 is recommended for forward-only pulsed-RF measurements, and the N522xB/N524xB Options 021 and 022 are recommended for bi-directional pulsed-RF measurements. The N1966A Pulse I/O adapter is recommended if using external master pulses or external pulse modulators.

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