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Bandwidth Boosting Techniques for the Infiniimax Probe Amp and Probe Head

Application Notes

Have you ever wished your probe could perform at a slightly higher bandwidth than what’s rated on the label?


Keysight InfiniiMax differential probes are DSP corrected to have a flat magnitude and phase response to provide the highest possible accuracy.


The bandwidth chosen to correct to is typically around 3 dB non-corrected bandwidth. Usually, extending the bandwidth much beyond that point will increase the noise floor, and if pushed even further, can cause unrealistic noise artifacts.


However, the N5381A/B solder-in probe head in combination with the InfiniiMax 1169A/B probe amp is an excellent candidate for extending the bandwidth beyond the 3dB point because the N5381A/B is peaked past the normal 12 GHz bandwidth, and the peaking of the probe head can help compensate for the roll-off of the probe amp bandwidth.


This application note presents the techniques used to extend the bandwidth performance of the InfiniiMax 1169A/B and the N5381A/B solder-in head using the PrecisionProbe application on Infiniium realtime oscilloscope.


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