Software tools to explore every facet of a signal and optimize your designs. Measure a broad range of signals including 5G, IoT, radar and more. Gain greater insight in frequency, time and modulation domains. Compatible with signal analyzers, network analyzers, oscilloscopes and many more test instruments.

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Example of PathWave 89600 VSA pinpointing a measurement signal

Pinpoint Signal Problems

Reach deeper into signals to find the root cause of problems in time, frequency, and modulation domains. Record and playback signals for troubleshooting. Isolate unexpected interactions with unlimited markers and trace-to-trace marker coupling.

Example of PathWave 89600 VSA measuring multiple signals at once

Measure All Your Signals

Supports proprietary signals plus more than 75 signal standards and modulation types including 5G, IoT, cellular, WiFi, aerospace, defense, satellite, and more.

Example of PathWave 89600 VSA enhanced measurment settings

See Through Complex Signals

Customize your measurement displays to show multiple views of your signal at once. Get greater clarity with unlimited number of traces, with flexible arrangement and sizing. Quickly characterize numerous signals and devices simultaneously with multi-measurement capability.

Example of PathWave 89600 VSA measurements with different instrumentation

Verify Throughout Design Cycle

Produce consistent, comparable results at the simulation, prototyping and design validation stages. Choose the right front-end hardware for your application at digital baseband, analog baseband, IF, RF, up to mmWave from Keysight's more than 45 types of instruments.

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Frequently Asked Questions – PathWave VSA Software

What Is Signal Analyzer Software?

Scalable and predictive signal analyzer software enables fast and efficient analysis of signals. Process, share, and analyze signals at every stage in your product development workflow while combining design, instrument control, and application-specific signal analyzer software.

What Is Vector Signal Analysis Software?

Vector signal analysis software, also known as PathWave 89600 VSA, is ideal for evaluating and troubleshooting wireless signals in research and development (R&D). This software is PC-based, supporting numerous hardware measurement platforms like Keysight’s spectrum analyzers.

What Are Measurement Software Applications?

Measurement applications provide ready-to-use measurements for signal analysis. Measurement applications run either inside benchtop signal analyzers, on a PC for connection to the benchtop, or PXIe test instruments.

What Is The Difference Between Vector Signal Analysis Software and Measurement Application Software?

Measurement application software provides embedded format-specific, one-button measurements for signal analyzers. With fast measurements, pass/fail testing and simplicity of operation, measurement software applications are ideally suited for automated design verification and manufacturing tests.

Vector signal analysis software is ideal for evaluating and troubleshooting wireless signals in R&D. PC-base signal analysis software, supporting numerous hardware measurement platforms, Vector signal analysis software provides flexibility and sophisticated measurement tools essential to find and fix signal problems.

What Privilege Do I Need to Install the 89600 VSA Software?

The installer requires admin privilege. You may need to select 'Run as Administrator' depending on the Privilege Access Management (PAM) tool or setup on your PC.

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