Full RF Functional Testing for LTE and 5G NR Devices

The ultimate RF Automation test software provides an environment to create test campaigns using pre-defined transmitter and receiver measurement test cases for:

  • LTE and 5G NR devices in accordance with the 3GPP TS 36.521 specifications.
  • WLAN test cases, including Wi-Fi 6E, in accordance with 3GPP specifications. 
  • Test cases to verify performance for NB-IoT technologies like RedCap and NB-NTN.
  • CV2X based on 3GPP and Omniair specifications.

Use the test software to create and perform fully automated RF test scenarios for device full RF functional testing, fast Go / No-Go verification for repair,  RF design regression, and validation, and even pre-conformance testing.

Test Campaign Creation

The RF Automation test software provides an easy-to-use user interface that simplifies the creation of test campaigns. Easily select and configure one or more network modes, such as LTE, NSA FR1, NSA FR2, and SA FR1, followed by populating each mode with predefined transmitter and receiver test cases. Each test case defaults to 3GPP specification limits but can be customized for the use case of the test campaign.

S8701A Protocol R&D Toolset - Log Viewer

Test Campaign Execution and Results

Clearly view the progression of the test campaign with the intuitive dashboard view. A pie chart shows a quick view of the number of test cases that have passed, failed, and have yet to be executed. Details of each test case are also shown as they are executed.

Results of the test campaign are automatically stored in to file. A summary report can be generated in different standard formats: .csv, .xls, and .pdf.

Automated Analytics and Insights

RFA Analytics software complements RF Automation Toolset. It automates the processing of RFA test result logs, and provides the users and efficient and intuitive means to analyze the data. Dashboard and reports deliver analytics and actionable insights based on which the users can detect genuine problems with the DUT, optimize test setup, and derive important business decisions.

RF Automation Test Software with Scatter Plot Distribution and Bell Curve Distribution example

RF Automation Test Software Key Specifications

The RF Automation test software uses the C8700200A Test Application Framework to control the UXM 5G Network Emulator for fully-automated RF transmitter and receiver test cases that are based on the following specifications:

  • 4G LTE (E-UTRA): 3GPP TS 36.521-1
  • 5G NR: 3GPP TS 38.521-1, 38.521-2, and 38.521-3
  • WLAN
  • RedCap
  • NB-NTN
  • C-V2X: 3GPP TS 36.521-1 and Omniair

S8702A RF Automation Toolset

The RF Automation Toolset provides automated RF Transmitter and Receiver tests for 5G, LTE, and C-V2X, based on the 3GPP-defined test specifications but optimized for speed of execution.

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